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Eight essays outlining the case for and against independence and published in the Scotland on Sunday earlier this year are compiled in this handy pdf pamphlet for your iPad

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The Scottish Parliament votes in favour of independence but, watching from the media gallery, David Torrance witnessed not an historic occasion but the usual tired old lines.

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With Scottish Labour still reeling from its drubbing in May’s Holyrood elections, the SNP is already plotting its bid to seize control of the councils in Scotland’s main cities in next year’s local government elections

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The role of leader of the opposition has perhaps never been more significant in Scottish politics, given the unprecedented majority the SNP enjoys at Holyrood...

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The sorry state of Scottish Labour has even putative enemies worried – and may need radical action, writes Eddie Barnes

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The “anti-sectarianism Bill” is a dog’s breakfast, but Labour should allow ministers to retreat without losing face, writes TOM HARRIS

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In running through a decidely meh week in politics, Kate Higgins inadvertently rediscovers her blogging mojo

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Are Scottish Labour’s big-gun MPs making a tactical error by not contesting the Scottish leadership, asks Andrew Whitaker

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Jim Murphy may have to take on Scottish leadership against his wishes to realise his ultimate dream, writes David Maddox

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Ken Macintosh MSP and Scottish Labour leadership candidate writes exclusively for Better Nation, setting out his vision for Scotland

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