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Eight essays outlining the case for and against independence and published in the Scotland on Sunday earlier this year are compiled in this handy pdf pamphlet for you to view online or print out

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A cutback version of this story appeared in Scotland on Sunday, but here it is in full. Taken from figures released by the Electoral Commission last week on how the parties spent their money.

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As the end of the Review approaches, Scottish Labour needs to move from a period of crisis response to thinking long and hard about what Scottish Labour stands for and what policies it will present to the Scottish people in 2016, says Dan Heap.

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As the debate over same sex marriage gets underway, former chair of Pride Scotland Duncan Hothersall calls for the debate to be conducted in a more constructive way than that over the repeal of Section 28

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‘AT SOME point before May 2016, the Scottish people will be given the opportunity to vote in a referendum on independence," declared Ben Thomson, chairman of think-tank Reform Scotland, in these pages yesterday. On face value, that would appear to be self-evidently true, following the SNP’s majority win in May. But a growing theory in the political village suggests that Mr Thomson’s certainty about the coming historic vote may be misplaced.

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SCOTTISH Labour leader Iain Gray moved quickly to order a root-and-branch review of the party’s policy and structure in the aftermath of its electoral drubbing at the hands of the SNP in May.

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How luck and genius combined to bring about a political earthquake

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Scots seem to want the Greens to challenge inequality and deliver on public services, fuel poverty and education - the alternative is the Tories or the LibDems

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Last night in the leaders' debate he told us that we won't get final say on independence deal.

Could this be his "Neil Kinnock" moment?

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Positive campaign paying off, says Harvie with two days to go

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