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Scottish independence poll results visualised

By James Robinson

Today sees the 'Yes' campaign for Scottish independence launched in Edinburgh, but how has the nation's view of Scotland's constitution changed over the last ten years?

The graphics below visualise the data from UK Polling Report, a collection of poll results relating to Scottish independence. While each poll varies in its question type and survey number, collating all the results can give a good indication of the opinion of the nation.

First, polls of voting intentions for a referendum on independence are displayed over time below.

Select all three values to see changes in voting intentions from 2003 - 2012.

Voting intentions could be support/yes, oppose/no, or don't know. To see who ran the survey select "poll" from the Name option on the left hand side of the graph.

Secondly, the graphic below represents the opinions on the Scottish constitution. The surveys asked preferences on independence, devo max/tax raising powers, retaining the status quo.

A preference for dissolving parliament was also asked from 1999-2007. Select different years to visualise the poll responses, and hover over the points on the timeline to find out the exact proportions.

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