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Kate Higgins: wherefore art thou, blogging mojo?

I should have, could have blogged about the UK Labour conference and Ed Miliband but it was all a bit meh. A great big fat disappointment, more eloquently expressed by Iain Bell and Duncan Hamilton in their respective columns today. But a couple of passing remarks. The burdz wholly unscientific rule of thumb for Labour conferences is that if the delegates inside the hall love it and the audience outside is indifferent or worse, hostile, the party is in trouble. This I think is what happened, particularly with Ed Miliband's leader's address.
Secondly, the only potential "next leader" contender to enhance her chances was Yvette Cooper, with a decent speech which grabbed and held attention. Apparently, her Ed has already conceded that in a future contest, he would defer to her. At last, he knows his place. Ed Balls's speech was definitely a low light: he managed to make an ambitious five point plan for growth sound like the weekly messages' line. It was a real waste, for the plan has some proposals worthy of wider debate and consideration.
As for the Tories, trailed populist measures aside, they seem to be on the backfoot. Eddie Barnes sums it up nicely by suggesting today, that Osborne is "fighting a 2011 crisis still in 2010 mode". It will be interesting to see what Osborne comes up with in his conference speech: it bloody better not contain a 50p tax rate cut.
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Posted by Kate Higgins

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